Given to the students upon their acceptance

Financial Agreement:

  • S.A. Enlightenment Foundation scholarship and grants will support the following:
    - Tuition and Fees: will be paid directly to the relevant university.
    - Health Insurance: the Foundation will cover the cost of medical insurance issued by the university to the student.
    - Monthly Allowance: student receives a monthly allowance for every academic month in an amount to be determined by the Foundation.
    - Books allowance: per semester/quarter.
    - Travel allowance: The student will receive one economy class return ticket annually to his/her country of residence.
    - Graduate Dissertation: One time fee of $600 for printing and publishing graduate dissertation.
  • S.A. Enlightenment Foundation will commence payment of the monthly allowance upon the student’s arrival to California, as long as it is no longer than one month prior to the start of the semester/quarter
  • Monthly allowance will be discontinued once the student graduates, or should the student change majors or universities without the knowledge of the Foundation.

    Policies and Procedures: 

  • The student is expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 throughout the degree program. If the student’s cumulative GPA is lower than 3.0 for a semester/quarter, the student will be placed on automatic probation. He/she is expected to lift his/her cumulative GPA by the following semester/quarter. If he/she does not achieve the targeted 3.0 GPA, S.A. Enlightenment Foundation will review the case and make a final decision on whether to discontinue the scholarship to that student.
  • The student is required to inform S.A. Enlightenment Foundation of his/her interest to switch majors or universities. The student will need to receive the Foundation’s final approval to do so.
  • The student is expected to inform the Foundation if he/she will register for Summer sessions, in order for the Foundation to organize tuition.
  • The student should inform the Foundation of any address or contact phone number change within two weeks of making the change.
  • Extending the duration of studies will not usually be accepted by the Foundation without the presence of valid reasons. The student will need to submit a request which includes the academic advisor’s approval and justification. Final decision for extension lies with the Foundation.
  • The student should submit a copy of his/her final graduate dissertation to the Foundation upon its completion, for records purposes.

    Required Forms:

  • Application form (biodata, high school, university info, work experience, essay brief).
  • Letter of Recommendation form.
  • Change of major/ Change of University form.
  • Extension of Study duration form.
  • Address and contact info form (once students settle in).